People often ask us how often they should be getting pedicures. There are several factors to consider when determining your best schedule. Your technician can help create a tailor-made foot care program, including which services and how often, in combination with specific home care.

To keep your feet happy and healthy, a professional pedicure should be scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks

For those with healthy, happy feet, a schedule of between 4 and 6 weeks usually works well. This schedule assumes that you are not trying to make substantial improvements, but rather maintain your healthy feet. It also assumes that you are doing some basic home care, including moisturizing and perhaps foot filing. We will have a more in-depth discussion of home care programs in another post soon. Depending on your feet, you may find that they need extra help in a particular season. In this instance, the 4 week interval might be more appropriate.

To make improvements in your skin or nails, get a professional pedicure every 3 to 4 weeks

If your feet or nails have some challenges that you would like to address, a pedicure every 3 to 4 weeks will be more helpful. Each visit should yield some improvements above and beyond the previous visit. While some progress will be lost between visits, overall you should be seeing improvements, and your technician can check in with you at each appointment to see if you can shift to a longer interval. Sometimes, we start a client with challenges on our Medi Pedi, which allows us to take extra time to get everything to its best place. Even with that, sometimes it will take multiple visits to make the improvements you are looking for. We can only remove so much callus in a day without risking injury, for instance. If you want to see the most improvement in the shortest time, intermediate treatments may be your best option.

Intermediate treatment appointments can help to make rapid improvements

With our therapeutic treatments, you can come for a targeted appointment to address your specific concern. We usually will recommend a pedicure, usually the Medi Pedi, in week 0, followed by a therapeutic treatment at week 2, and then a full pedicure again at week 4. With this compressed schedule, clients can safely obtain improvements on an accelerated schedule.

How often is too often?

Some of the work done in the salon includes exfoliation, often called callus smoothing, crack healing, or corn reduction. Exfoliation is helpful for reducing or removing unwanted keratinized skin, but it can be overdone. When exfoliation is too aggressive, it can cause discomfort, blistering, cracking, and excess callus formation. Most often, these negative results will show up a day or two after the exfoliation, which is why we must be cautious in our exfoliation. Just because something feels smooth and comfortable at the time of the appointment, it doesn’t mean it will be a good thing long term. Since we are in it for the long term improvements, we don’t recommend professional exfoliation more often than every two weeks. We will also decline to over-exfoliate skin, no matter how insistent our clients are. We are looking out for you and your health!

Still have questions? Call and book a free consultation!

We are always happy to give your feet a look and make some recommendations about services, schedules, and home care routines and products. We may opt to send you to a dermatologist or podiatrist if we feel you will be better served with them. Please do keep in mind that we are a small, busy salon, so if you book only a consultation, you may need to wait for the full service or set of services that are recommended for you. We will be happy to get them set up while you are in, though!