Since 2009, Pediworx has pampered guests with dry manicures and pedicures using state of the art, waterless techniques and specialized tools. Your safety and satisfaction are our highest priority, so we choose to use an autoclave as an additional step in ensuring the cleanliness and sanitation of our tools. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians use the highest quality products to offer you upper echelon hand and foot care specified to your needs. You can be confident when you step into Pediworx that we take the utmost care to give you a safe, relaxing, and beautifying service.

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This is the best European/Medical spa I have ever been to! I have a problem with my nails and I was not able to find a place to take care of them since I moved to Seattle in 2006. Once I found this place, my nails and I found peace of mind. I have been taken care of in the best way possible. They do everything VERY professionally, take all precautions to make sure I am safe and healthy and they would follow up on me after the appointment to make sure I am doing fine. Considering the service provided, the price is more than reasonable.
Lydia D.

I loved the dry-mani/pedicure tool for smoothing skin and removing excess cuticle. The traditional method of soaking, pushing and pulling with metal instruments is too harsh for me. Yours is the best result I have had – EVER!
Julie D.

This is a totally different experience from a typical pedicure/manicure – the tools they use do a much better job and are more hygienic!
James T.

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