Intelligent Foot and Nail Care Center

 No nail or foot skin problem is too small or not worth asking about.

Cracked heels, excessive callus, damaged nails – do you have a problem?

We have a solution.

What we do:

  • We evaluate your feet and nails condition.
  • We provide safe and hygienic pedicures and manicures.
  • We recommend a home care regiment for you
  • We refer to a podiatrist, if necessary.
  • We offer specialty services to maintain treatment results and prevent problems in the future.

How we do it:

  • Pediworx’s licensed and specially trained nail technicians use advanced European high-tech tools and problem-specific methods to enhance the effects of podiatrist-recommended treatment and follow up with a course of customized foot and nail care services individually designed for each client.

Some common misconceptions include:


Not true anymore!

The keys to successful battle with fungus are:

  • correct diagnosis
  • customized treatment
  • follow-up maintenance of personal foot, nail and shoes hygiene

Once you are diagnosed with fungus infection by a podiatrist, Pediworx offers you a treatment that  is a combination of specialized cosmetic procedures designed to deposit prescribed medication deeply into the nail and nail bed in order to kill the infection at the root.



Not any more with Pediworx Ingrown Nail Corrective Treatment

A nail brace used in this procedure is a custom-made nail splint that attaches to a side of the nail and gently lifts the painful ingrown nail into correct alignment. This procedure is used as a non-painful and non-invasive alternative to the surgical removal of ingrown nails.

Patients feel instant relief after the nail brace is applied. Over time, with the brace in place, the shape of the nail is corrected.


That is not correct 

Fungal infections like Athlete’s Foot are often contracted in showers, gyms, dressing rooms, swimming pool lockers, or other warm, damp areas where fungus can thrive. The name of the condition comes from the fact that athletes spend the most time in these environments and therefore are at a higher risk of fungal infection. If not treated, the infection can spread and become chronicle.

At Pediworx you will obtain a diagnosis and a treatment plan that includes anti-fungal medication and foot skin therapy procedure that gently removes dead and damaged skin cells, thus allowing remedy to absorb faster and more effectively. With continued Pediworx treatments you will be able to stabilize the condition by maintaining your feet clean and dry and completely get rid of the infection.