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1. What is the difference between our standard pedicure and our Medi Pedicure?

Our Medi Pedicure is only performed by our Certified Medical Technicians who have been trained to recognize signs of unhealthy skin and nail problems. Accordingly, our Medical Technicians help enhance the effects of podiatrist-recommended medical treatment by following up with a course of customized cosmetic services appropriate for each individual.

2. What are the benefits of a Medi Pedicure treatment?

Our Medi Pedicure allows early detection of problematic conditions of skin and nails.

It improves appearance of your feet and nails in a medical-grade safe environment.

Medi Pedicure session jumpstart and helps maintain healthier hygiene regimen.

3. What is a certified Medical Nail Technician? (MNT)

A MNT is an additional certification obtained by State Board licensed nail technicians in order to raise their level of professional qualifications, receive and complete education necessary to recognize various foot and nails conditions and demonstrate understanding
and adherence to the highest standards of sanitation norms.
This certification allows nail care professionals to help
podiatrists by providing post-medical treatment,
therapeutic follow-up foot and nail care.

4. Does MNT accept insurance?

NO, the services provided by MNT are cosmetic and
therefore are not covered by medical insurance.

5. What happens when MNT detects an unhealthy
foot/nail problem?

MNT does not diagnose a condition. However she or
he use their expertise to access the health of
feet and nails and make informed decisions to perform
services in each particular case or refer
their customer to a podiatrist for medical evaluation
before providing any specialty services.